Monday, March 24, 2014

Why I don't post anymore.

  I haven't posted any recipes on here in a very long time due to the best possible reason... Jack has outgrown many of his allergies! The end of June last year we had him retested and his blood results came back showing that while his allergy to dogs and cats is still off the charts and his egg and pork allergies were still at a 4 (on a scale of 0-6 in which 0 means no allergy and 6 meant OMG you'll die to look at it!), his milk and beef allergies, previously a 5, had fallen to a 3 and he showed 0 to chicken, soy, rice, or oats! We slowly slowly added those items back in. He seemed to have an EoE type reaction to soy (we made stuffing from a boxed mix that contained soy protein), crying for no other discernible reason after a handful of bites and not really eating for the next few days, so we kept avoiding it but were able to add rice, oats, and chicken back in with no problems. It's been nearly a year and we did another trial with soy two nights in a row this week (adding soy sauce to rice) and Jack has had no reaction whatsoever, in fact he has been eating more than he ever has lately!

 So with that said, we're only avoiding milk, eggs, beef, and pork and those things are pretty easy to cook without. (If you are just starting your allergy journey, they may seem overwhelming to cook without and that's totally valid! I remember when we first started and were only avoiding milk and eggs and I thought that there was NOTHING to eat. It's all relative!) A quick Internet search yields a squillion and one dairy and egg free recipes, and avoiding beef and pork is easy peasy since there is a turkey alternative for pretty much everything. I haven't shared any recipes because I don't want to clutter up my blog which may still be relevant to those with many restrictions with redundant recipes that can be found anywhere.

  I am always available though to help anyone who is having a hard time cooking allergen free, or who is just getting started and feeling overwhelmed, or who is struggling to come up with a particular safe dish, or who just wants some ideas or a shoulder to cry on! Please feel free to comment and I will gladly try my best to help!