Thursday, January 26, 2012

New restrictions: Soy, rice, oat and chicken free recipes to follow!

  My son went to a new (and wonderful) allergist today. He's still been having lots of problems eating and his esophagus was continuing to deteriorate despite removing wheat, beef, pork, milk and eggs and putting him on steroids, so something he ingests regularly is still causing him issues. So we decide to test him again and now he tested positive for soy, rice, oat, and chicken (chicken!!!) as well as beef, pork, milk, and eggs. We are now going to be excluding those as well. Wheat did not show up positive (and it didn't on the last one either, just the very first) so we may try to add that back in a few weeks but probably not. I'm not too upset about the new restrictions as most recipes can be adjusted pretty easily, but we will need to find a new pizza crust recipe which is a bummer because we love the heck out of Bob's Red Mill pizza crust around here!

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