Wednesday, January 18, 2012

They can't all be winners.

First and foremost, it has been made fairly clear that Jack has a problem with coconut milk so from now on we will be avoiding coconut as well until we talk to the allergist on the 23rd. He started having a very hard time eating once I began giving him his weight gain smoothies. I've now just started giving him his regular hemp/soy/almond milk mixed with baby rice cereal instead because it's one thing he will consistently drink. *Sigh* EoE sucks. Thankfully though he has started eating without pain again since I removed the coconut milk.

  Anyway, Chris wanted pizza (again) but I'm pretty tired of it. I was craving something different and remembered the delicious white garlic sauce pizza we used to sometimes get from this yummy pizza place called Captain Tony's in Quartz Hill CA. Well, I searched the internet and only found 2 reasonable sounding dairy free white garlic pizza sauce recipes. I picked the one I had all the ingredients to make and while it was a yummy tasting sauce (tasted like a marsala sauce) it wasn't anything to write home about on pizza.
  I think that on grilled chicken and with mushrooms, it might actually be something really good though. Perhaps I'll try it and let everyone know.

  Tomorrow I am going to try to make vegan, gluten free oatmeal cookies. Hopefully I have something good to say about THAT!

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