Saturday, December 31, 2011

Birthday cake

  I made a gluten/dairy/egg free birthday cake for Ben so that everyone could enjoy it together. It was a learning experience. I bought Bob's Red Mill chocolate cake mix, and Cherrybrook Kitchens ready made frosting in vanilla.
  Cherrybrook Kitchen makes some cool stuff, like gluten free chocolate chip pancake mix and brownie mix, etc. They also sell frosting mix in a box and then this ready made frosting. Well... let me just tell you that the frosting was awful. I don't like to complain about "free" foods because obviously they aren't going to compare to the real thing they are trying to replace, but this was just absolutely terrible. The flavor wasn't bad, though it didn't taste frosting-y. But it was like rubber cement, semi-translucent and runny and sticky and unspreadable. It would have made a great topping for cinnamon rolls, but on top of a cake was just sad. I ended up just pouring a heavy layer on top and letting it melt down the sides, otherwise I would have ripped up the cake. Serving it involved long sugary sticky strings of 'frosting' going from the platter to the plates.
  What really gets me is that I have found 'regular' frosting by Betty Crocker or Duncan Hines or whoever that doesn't have our allergens in it and is yummy and much cheaper, but I thought this would be better as the ingredients are more natural, and ended up totally wasting our money. *Sigh*, you live and learn I guess!

  The cake itself was yummy, and I spread raspberry puree in between the layers and it was really good and of course Ben and Jack both liked it despite the funky frosting.

Happy 1st birthday to Benny!!

  No hard feelings, Cherrybrook Kitchen, not everything you make can be a winner. :)

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