Friday, December 30, 2011

The Frozen Food isle never looked so good!

  Well now that the hectic-ness of Christmas is over, it's time to start posting again! I've found some really great products this last week and I'm excited about them.
  Also, IT'S BEN'S 1ST BIRTHDAY!! Happy Birthday, Sweet Ben!!

  So we shop at this great grocery store called Sprouts Farmers Market. They are in California, Texas, Arizona and Colorado. Ours is about 20 miles from us, but it's SO worth the drive. It's a smaller grocery store, but they sell an amazing number of specialty products. There is a HUGE store nearby called Central Market that carries all sorts of specialty and exotic products, but I've seen Sprouts have way more variety and better choices many times over, plus they are way cheaper and the store isn't a stupid maze. Sorry Central Market, but I can't stand ya.
  Anyway, one of the many excellent things about Sprouts is that they label gluten free products with a symbol right on the price tags on the shelf! So instead of standing in front of a whole cookie isle and trying to scan all the different box fronts for the words "Gluten Free!", I can just look at the tags for the symbol! Then if the product is also dairy free, that will be listed on the tags as well. And OMG, they have SO much stuff!

  I don't like to buy a lot of convinience foods, but lunch time is very uninspirational for me, and I never feel like cooking a whole meal just for the boys and myself, especially since 50-60% of the time, Jack will hardly eat any of it. So yesterday at Sprouts I found a product line in the freezer section called Ian's. They have kid friendly foods, the types of stuff 'regular' kids get to eat all the time, but allergy FREE! I am talking about fish sticks, chicken strips, chicken nuggets, mac and (no) cheese sauce, french toast sticks, pizzas, turkey corn dog bites, even a whole meal of chicken nuggets, alphatots (fries shaped like letters), corn, and a mini chocolate cake! All wheat/egg/milk/mammal meat free, all @*&%$*@& awesome. And not only all of that, but their healthier items have a "SuperFit Kid" point value, and kids can redeem the points for prizes! Great incentive to get kids to eat healthy!

Our haul of Ian's stuff to try out!

  Another thing is Potato Flyers. They are by the same people who make Pirate Booty, these are like potato chips, but it's puffed, baked chips rather than slices. So they are all a uniform size and light and fluffy, plus an entire family size bag only has 200 more calories than the lunch box size bags of regular potato chips. And the flavor of the original is deeeeelicious!!!
I'm drooling just looking at this bag now!!!

  Anyway, so all in all it's been a great last week, and we have a few yummy things to try to see if Jackie approves :)
  Tonight I am making an allergy friendly birthday cake for Benny! Yay!!!

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